Why Live Intrepid?

Live Intrepid means exactly what it says. LIVE FEARLESS and LIVE ADVENTUROUS. Life is too short to be afraid, take every adventure while you have the chance!

My name is Austin Jones, I'm from a small town but I've always had big dreams. I was born in 1996 with a rare disease called SMARD, there's a little over 100 cases worldwide. Long story short my disease slowly takes my muscle over time. In 2003 I went into respiratory failure and somehow God and some amazing people came together to give me a second chance. I've been on a ventilator and in a wheelchair since. Some people might think "that sucks" but I say it's the biggest blessing possible. It's given me a life and a perspective I could have never imagined; I've been to 38 states chasing my dreams with my best friends, I've met thousands and thousands of amazing people and hopefully changed a life or two. From sea level to 10,000 feet every day has been amazing. If there's one thing I've learned in my life it's to NEVER take a second for granted, the next one isn't promised. And make every memory you can, whether it's you or your best friend that goes first the only thing that will be left in the end are... memories. From being a baby with a life expectancy of 2 years old to now being 26 with a beautiful fiancé, a beautiful little girl and two more on the way. I got here by having faith and living INTREPID. You can too!

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